Synthesis Analytics has developed proprietary solutions for Green Computing™, branded iPower that both delivers PUE <1,02 and allows for full capture and reuse of more than 95% of all deployed energy - while making computing power available where it is most wanted close to the end-users.

iPower solutions are all modular and the available solutions spans from 10,92 MW building blocks for Hyperscale computing centers, over 3,27 MW modular building blocks for Regional Edge computing centers to 182 KW Edge computing centers.

In addition, a state of the art iPower Habitat is provided to ensure best possible prerequistes for a successful deployment and operation of all iPower Solutions.

iPower EDGE1

Modular and Green Edge Computing Center

Integrated CE-marked solution with 18 iPower Racks in a 40 feet High Container utilizing 3,27 MW per module.

iPower EDGE2

Modular and Green Edge Computing Center

Integrated CE-marked Solution with a full iPower Rack utilizing 182 KW per module.

iPower CUBE

Modular and Green Hyperscale Computing Center

Integrated CE-marked solution with 60 iPower Racks utilizing 10,92 MW per 120 sqm floor.


iPower HABITAT = Secure space for any iPower deployment.

Custom security system with a two-stage digital and physical access system.

Restricted access through Iris retina recognition and biometric identification.

Monitored CCTV systems and with a single way in and out architecture.

Green Computing™

At Synthesis Analytics, we have designed our HPC infrastructure to be able to run algorithms in the most energy effective manner. From an initial consultation, we will be able to clarify how we can optimise for maximum effeciveness for each application and our how our customised high performance computing environments would work for your needs. At the core of our business is how we ensure reliability and security to the users of our solutions, in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. Our safe, secure and sustainable computing environments is the perfect solution for anyone prioritizing climate goals and carbon targets.

Intelligent Heating

If you are a district heating supplier, energy company, a Municipality in Sweden or outside for that matter then we would love to hear from you. We can arrange a simple demonstration as to how we can provide you with a foundation for a smart city and at the same time ensure stable production of heated water from totally renewable sources to your district heating system. We can provide a constant baseload all year round for homes and other city needs. If you also want to take part in making computing green and ensure a sustainable infrastructure for the Smart Cities of the future, please contact us for a meeting.

What we do

At Synthesis Analytics we have formed a connected whole, from various components to bring the systematic computational analysis of data and other information, via a high performance computing solution in a modern and sustainable approach.