We are a Swedish technology company embedded into an innovation eco-system poised to create next generation global solutions to sustainability challenges, with offices and design centers in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrköping. Our R&D and production facility is a converted 780 MW power plant outside Norrköping. The production facility benefits from a 130kV substation connected to the national grid, an integrated deep-sea port and water-rights enabling large scale cooling.

Green Computing™

The world is facing an unparalleled growth in needs and desires for computing power and High Performance Computing (HPC) is already affecting many aspects of life. Synthesis Analytics uses green HPC to run advanced algorithms. Both hardware and software have been designed specifically for the task. Recycling of the energy used for the computations can be achieved with a technology called immersion cooling. This is a recent innovation, allowing for capture and reuse of the energy coming from the HPC centers.

Through renewable resources computations can be done in a carbon neutral way. Heating from HPC can actually be a net positive with regards to carbon emissions. The HPC centers aid society in transcending from dependency on non-renewable power sources.

Edge computing means, in essence, to bring a computational task closer to the place where it is required. It has a number of benefits compared to traditional centralized data centers: shorter response times, reduced latency and lesser resource requirements.

The computing industry is going through big shift. Today ten percent but already in 2025, 75 percent of all enterprise data will be created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center, HPC center or cloud (according to Gartner). In other words, at the edge.

Recent growth in edge computing has been driven, by streaming video services such as Netflix and YouTube. During peak evening hours when networks are under the most stress, Netflix can account for 40 percent of all internet traffic in the US. New cloud gaming services will undoubtedly add significantly to this load. Other drivers for edge computing are the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and applications that will be enabled by the 5G wireless networks.

Synthesis Analytics have developed specialized solutions to meet these context dependent edge computing needs.

- Edge1 integrates directly with city district heating and replaces traditional fuel burning to generate heat, while at the same time bringing computation directly into the center of a city.

- Edge2 brings the computing power and the heat to the point of consumption. It can directly heat a hospital, an industry or a city block, without any requirements to integrate with remote district heating.

Intelligent Heating

Heating and cooling in buildings and industry accounts for about half of the EU’s energy consumption, but only 16% is generated from renewable energy1. Synthesis Analytics EDGE1 and EDGE2 solutions represents a unique opportunity to re-invent the current heating architecture. By replacing fossil fuel sources for heating with EDGE1 and EDGE2 solutions, Smart Cities can be built based on Intelligent Heating with high performance computing capacity placed where it is most needed.

EDGE 1 is a modular solution to integrate into existing district heating systems. It is designed to be easily deployed and managed in old centrally placed coal or oil power. EDGE1 comes powered with the most modern and energy efficient processors for selected high-performance solutions.

EDGE2 is developed to further meet high-performance computing needs of the future and accelerate the implementation of the 4th generation of district heating (4GDH). By creating a series of "heat generating EDGE2-hubs", the base-load water temperature from the district heating source can be reduced, thus lowering the energy demand at the source. This solution reduces the energy loss over the distribution system and increases the renewable share of heating power.

1 https://www.upgrade-dh.eu/images/Publications%20and%20Reports/D2.5_2019-07-02_Upgrade-DH_Handbook_EN.pdf

Fortress Security

Synthesis Analytics has defined Security as one of the key pillars for its operation. The Nordics is recognised by Forbes in November 2019 as being the safest place in the world. Synthesis Analytics development and production site is located at a perimeter fenced site with 24/7 security. The walls into core facilities are over one meter thick solid reinforced concrete and the basements go deep underground as far as 60m. The security system encompasses Iris retina recognition, biometric identification and airlock zones for entry. The Synthesis Analytics computing units have been upgraded with a custom security system with a two-stage digital and physical access system. All of the Synthesis Analytics HPC locations are designed with monitored CCTV systems and with a single way in and out architecture.

Why Sweden and the Nordics for HPC

Sweden and the Nordics are uniquely well suited for HPC centers. The combination of a high degree of renewable energy, several densely populated areas, high demand for heating year around and a very well built out district heating infrastructure makes it an perfect fit for the solutions that Synthesis Analytics are providing. Other reasons the Nordics are such a good location:

  • Synthesis Analytics is a Swedish company. It’s founded by Swedish technology entrepreneurs. It’s fully leveraging the Swedish eco-system with HPC capabilities and the next generation AI applications, plus advanced district heating systems and an abundance of green technology.
  • The access to renewable energy. The power Synthesis Analytics consume can be guaranteed to be 100% renewable.
  • Attractive price on energy. Prices and tax incentives for large scale computing makes Sweden very competitive.
  • Politically stable and strong economy.
  • Connectivity. World class dark fibre connections for HPC solutions.
  • World-leading infrastructure for district heating.
Partners and Customers

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If you are a user of high performance computing power and you care for the environment and also care for the cost of your computing then please get in touch with us here and let us arrange a consultation to see how we can optimise your computing tasks with our infrastructure and help you perform your HPC needs in a cost effective and green way.

What we do

At Synthesis Analytics we have formed a connected whole, from various components to bring the systematic computational analysis of data and other information, via a high performance computing solution in a modern and sustainable approach.