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Our Sustainable Mission

The future needs to be green and sustainable, see how we run Synthesis Analytics on our core sustainability principles

Synthesis Analytics forms a connected whole, where various components enable computing and heating to meet modern needs and desires with minimal impact on our planet. Computing power is vital for evolution, but deployed energy has to be captured and re-used. Global needs must be met in a sustainable way. Computing has to be energy effective and powered by renewable energy.

Since established in 2017, our purpose has been to develop a solution for green HPC (High Performance Computing) and Edge Computing, powered by 100% renewable energy. Processors run with maximum energy efficiency due to specialization and the deployed energy is fully captured and recycled through a proprietary immersion cooling system. In HPC and Edge computing, we are unique in offering a completely green solution: Green Computing™ and Intelligent Heating, Powered by Nature.

What we do
  • Design and develop green High Performance and Edge Computing technology integrated into the Nordic district heating systems.
  • Design and develop a bespoke green and environmentally friendly computing solution - cost effective for large scale repetitive computing applications such as training algorithms for self-driving vehicles, image analysis, digitalization of healthcare, transaction validation and management of communication networks – significantly reducing Capex and Opex compared to competition.
  • Deploy GPU, FPGA and ASIC systems in our computing infrastructure.
  • Set a new global standard for Green Computing™ by pushing PUE close to 1.0 and pushing reuse of deployed energy towards 100% through proprietary Integrated Computing Units built and optimized for immersion cooling and energy capture.
  • Set a new global standard for Intelligent Heating and Smart Cities by integrating latest HPC infrastructure into existing district heating systems providing computing power where it is most needed – at the Edge.
  • Develop and deploy financially and technically viable solutions to the fast-growing need for Edge Computing through our EDGE1 and EDGE2, modular and scalable concepts.
  • Secure access to prioritized allocation of green energy by integrating into the district heating systems.
  • Secure a robust financial position by long-term agreements with district heating providers.
  • Run the whole system on energy from 100% renewable sources.
  • Spearhead the global development of Green Computing™ and Intelligent Heating to ensure that the global needs and desires are met in a sustainable way.